5 Awesome Moments When You Realize You’re a Good Parent

Being a mom is the ultimate torture test for so many virtues. Like patience, for example. Or compassion, enthusiasm, fairness, forgiveness, gentleness, gracefulness, dignity and the list goes on. Where’d they go? Out the window when your kid whines your name for that 1,000th time. You know what I’m talking about.

BUT there’s hope. Because even though we’re so hard on ourselves for the times when we “mess up,” we can’t let the negatives overshadow the times when we totally rock it. The real truth is that that being awesome has less to do with being perfect and more to do with being present. Here are 5 of my favorite examples. The next time you experience one of these, please stop and do a happy dance for yourself and for all of momkind.

Five Awesome Mom Moments

1. Your Children were Kind to Each Other

I’m guessing you’ve broken up your fair share of arguments and you’ve mended plenty hurt feelings. Sometimes it feels like your kids will never get along. But then, something like this happens. One of your children writes a note to their sibling that just melts your heart. In case you can’t read my 7 year old’s handwriting below: I love you so much. You are so nice and kind. You are also so cute. I love you so very much and I can imagine you growing up to be an amazing friend to lots of people throughout all the grades you complete. You are a big girl now. I really really love you. Only a totally awesome parent would have a kid who wrote a note like this! Go, me!

Hand written note from kid

2. You Held Your Tongue

Do you just HAVE to have the last word? Well, kids do too. Here’s me: No, you can’t have ice cream before dinner. My kid: You are the worst Mommy ever! Now this can go one of two ways. I can take this personally and say, “Yeah, well you’re never having ice cream again!” Or, I can say something like, “Sorry you feel that way,” and walk away. When you take the mom high road, give yourself a mental gold medal for your A+ lip biting and feel good knowing that you won the fight – even if your 6 year old disagrees.

3. You Had a Craft Win

How often do you make something you saw on Pinterest and it actually turns out right? And how great do you feel the kids think you are a genius and the coolest mom ever? In that moment, STOP, sing some “Eye of the Tiger” and do some Rocky air punches because YOU ARE A CHAMP!

Just for giggles, here’s a time when I had a complete Pinterest fail. We tried to make those fun-shaped crayons by melting down old broken bits in a mold. We took the pieces, arranged them in the mold, and into the oven they went. Well, my kids were super excited ….until we all smelled something weird. One melted mold and zero completed crayons later, we had an awesome story we’ll tell forever. Proof that even our worst fails can be wins sometimes!

Melted crayon in mold

4. You Had a Heart to Heart with Your Child

Everyone has a rough day sometimes, and kids are no exception. Some days seem like one looooooong kid meltdown. That’s when, as frazzled as you may be, you have to make a choice to break through the emotion and connect with your child. When all you feel like is taking a break from them, you sit and talk, you listen, you cuddle. And out of that comes a better understanding and a happier kid. You are left feeling like a great mom. You really got through to them! Pat yourself on the back, mom. You just made mom/counselor of the year.

Mom talking to daughter over hot chocolate

5. You Acted Like a Kid

Moms have guilt about lots of things. I know for me, not spending enough quality time with my kids is always at the top of the list. Ironically, it’s because, with so much going on, playtime sinks to the bottom of my to-dos. But SOMETIMES you accept the invitation. You get down on the floor and play that board game. You go outside and jump rope and blow bubbles. Relish in these moments, mom. And don’t worry about snapping a shot with your phone, because these are the moments your kids will remember for the rest of their lives–no picture necessary.

So there you have it. Just a few of the many moments in a day when you are awesome, even if you don’t realize it. And even if those minutes or seconds are super short lived, they are totally worth celebrating. Chin up, Mom. You’re a winner in their eyes. And does any other perception of your mom abilities really even matter?

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