3 Easy Hacks to Fight Stress On the Go

In many ways, modern life has given us some pretty awesome advantages. With information readily available, we’re strong advocates for our kids, committed stewards of the family schedule and budget. Some moms also work in and out of the home to financially provide for their families while balancing a meal plan and school pick-up.

That’s all great news, but when we consider the amount of stress the modern mom caries on any given day, learning to balance it all while on the go is a vital lesson. Without innate coping abilities, adulting can feel like an uphill battle for those of us just trying to do best by our families.

Here are Three Easy Hacks to Fight Stress While On-The-Go as a Busy Mom

1. Recite a mantra

Always in groups of three and in moments when I’m about to lose my chill, I recite calming statements over and over until I start to believe the words. These mantras give me a rhythmic break from the mental To Do List running in my mind and usually sound something like, “I’m a capable women. My heart is good and honest. This day won’t break me.” Reciting positive and self-affirming mantras have helped me reduce stress on the fly so well, in fact, that I’ve taught my 6 year old daughter to say them, too! By calming your mind with positive thoughts, we train ourselves to cope with stressful and busy days.

2. Acknowledge your body

We’ve all heard the term “you’re in your own head” and, often times, getting out of there can really help combat stress. Take a moment to acknowledge where stress is living in your body and loosen those areas up. Are your shoulders tense? Are your fists clenched? How about your jaw, is it locked? Do a quick body map to figure out where all that physical energy is living… and let it go! Do simple stretches or a quick self-massage to release the tension from the parts of your body that are holding onto stress.

3. Call a friend… or not

Nowadays, connectivity is constant and so accessible. When you’re stressed out and on-the-go, think about how your community can help you cope. For me, sometimes messaging a friend to vent about a common momism helps me to feel normal and less lonely while plowing away at life. My community of friends and family help to reflect the bright side of a frazzled day that would otherwise go unseen. Other times, however, I need time to myself; to refuel and re-center. Both stress hacks are a great way to cope with a tough day as a mom on the go.

Modern motherhood has created new challenges for those of us in her trenches, but balancing competing priorities while raising kids has been a sure-fire way to induce stress for years. Hopefully you’ll find these simple hacks to reduce stress as timely and beneficial as I have!

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