10 Things to Ask Your Kids Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

We send them to school with hopes and dreams, but often get little more than “good” and “fine” in response to our inquiries about their time there. Creating conversation about your kid’s school day can feel like an impossible task, but keeping a few things in mind can help break the ice. Open ended, positive questions illicit similar responses, for example, and allow your young student to know exactly what you want to talk about.

Get the Conversation Going With These 10 Prompts

As we head further into the school year, here are 10 things to ask your kids instead of the often overused, “How was your day?”

  1. Tell me the single, best thing that happened at school today. Questions with numbers in them garner attention and focus.
  2. What was one challenging thing you learned today? Acknowledging that school is supposed to be hard sometimes allows your child to talk about the things with which they struggle.
  3. What is your favorite game to play during recess? You can tell so much about a kid’s day by what he chooses to do with his recess time.
  4. What does your teacher think is really important about school? Asking about her teachers helps your child view them as real people.
  5. How did you help your teacher today? Either directly or by simply being an engaged student, your child can think about the ways their behavior impacts everyone in his classroom.
  6. Which three kids did you sit closest to during lunch? So much happens when people gather over a meal, and school lunch time is no different!
  7. What else might you like in your lunch? Kids love to offer suggestions on new snacks and lunch ideas.
  8. Who of your classmates is most/least like you? A great opportunity to learn how your child views herself, this question also allows for lessons in judging those who we aren’t familiar with.
  9. What subject do you love the most lately? Focusing on your child’s love of learning is always a great conversation starter.
  10. What would you teach the class if you were the teacher? Who knows, one day they might be!

Asking the right questions can reinforce your values and express to your child what information matters to you during his school day. It also just shows you care and will be there for him when he’s ready to tell you the big stuff.

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