10 Holiday Hacks Every Working Mom Needs to Know

Holiday burnouts are a bummer. Juggling holiday parties, to-do lists and shopping does take its toll. So it’s time to stop the madness once and for all.

Here are some easy holiday hacks to get you through the chaos with your sanity intact.

Whether it’s wrapping, decorating or holiday meal prep, these tips will save you time, money and make the holidays easier on you!

Food Gift Hacks

  1. Have a secret recipe for your famous oat and peanut butter balls or party mix everyone goes crazy for? Then type it out in cute cursive font, print it on card stock (six per page) and cut. For cookie recipes, get cute cookie cutters at the dollar store and wrap up a batch with the recipe tied onto the cutter with ribbon for a quick, yet thoughtful gift.
  2. Keep a stash of cookie tins on hand just in case you need a last-minute gift for someone you may have left off your list on accident. Too wiped out to bake? Put pre-made cookies in a tin and they suddenly feel special.
  3. Food gifts can speak for themselves. Planning on giving out your favorite holiday cookies or your homemade granola this holiday season? Purchase inexpensive see-through containers for your food gifts. Everyone could use an extra food storage container, and all you need is a bow or a ribbon and your gift is good to go! Don’t waste time or money on a more elaborate presentation – you’ve already invested so much in your homemade food gift.

Shopping Hacks

  1. Black Friday is a great time to pick up inexpensive gifts for people. However, shopping in-store can be stressful and hectic. Avoid the lines by shopping online on Cyber Monday! Spot a great deal on a universal gift and get all your holiday shopping done at once.
  2. Suggest “Secret Santa” exchanges at work instead of feeling obligated to get everyone a gift. You can even do the white elephant game to save money and enhance the fun with some never-used or in-excellent-condition items/gifts around the house that you don’t want. The rules are as follows: Each person brings a wrapped gift and places it in the center, the order is decided, the first person chooses a gift and unwraps it, and the next person can either steal an opened gift or choose an unwrapped one from the center. If stealing, the person whose gift was stolen can either steal another person’s gift or choose a new one from the center.

Wrapping and Decoration Hacks

  1. Reuse and repurpose. Don’t be afraid to reuse gift bags and other wrapping materials in good condition. In fact, work towards creating a culture of responsible reuse. If a bag you’ve held onto fits a gift perfectly, use it! You can even give it back to the same person. They’ll be touched that you saved it.
  2. Save holiday cards to repurpose as gift tags. Cut out pictures with decorative scissors and attach with ribbon. Sounds like a project for the kids! Get out the scissors, hole puncher and ribbon for a craft day! Newspaper, magazine covers, and old posters or maps can make your kids’ gifts stand out from the rest and keep them from too much screen time. Plus, how long have those magazines been collecting dust? It’s better to repurpose items to get them out the door! Be sure to recycle when you are finished!
  3. Use a paper towel holder to store ribbon and to keep it all from tangling. Try wrapping gifts with paper grocery bags for a trendy, rustic feel. Save fancy ribbons from gifts to reuse for the next season.
  4. Save a cardboard box with dividers to keep wrapping paper organized. Store other wrapping supplies in cheap stackable drawers. Store ribbons in one, scissors and tape in another, and wrapping scraps in a third so they don’t get crumpled.
  5. Once done with supplies, put them back in their proper place to avoid the “where is the tape?” scenario the next time you have to wrap a gift. Labels are your friend! Clearly write what is in each storage bin so when it comes time to search for supplies they’re easy to spot.

Hey, these won’t mitigate all the stress this holiday season, but they’ll definitely help!

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