10 Essential Mom Hacks to Surviving the Winter With a Toddler

Back when I had twins, babies at the time, it was one of the snowiest Virginia winters we’d had in years. Time spent indoors was monotonous. Outdoor time was great, but it felt like it took longer preparing the twins for winter than play than actually playing outside!

Little stuff like that would bother me. Time is of the essence, and I wish I’d had some survival tips to help me weather the storm with the kids! Those days are over for me now, but if you’re in the trenches, here are 10 mom hacks to keep you afloat with the kids until spring:

  1. Boogey Box

  2. Runny noses are one of the most common sights to see on toddlers in the wintertime (and well, anytime). If your house is becoming a landmine of used tissues, attach an empty tissue box to a full one with a rubber band. Now your little guy has an easy-access receptacle for his used tissues!

  3. Message in A Bottle

  4. Speaking of runny noses, if you’re dispensing meds to one or more sick kids, it can be exhausting and confusing! This genius hack shows you how to make a chart on the back of each child’s medicine bottle to keep track of dates, times and dosages.

  5. Snow Seal

  6. So you’re taking the plunge and getting your kid ready for their hour in the snow? Buy yourself a little more time to justify all that time you’re taking to get her ready! Use a thick packing tape to tape down the gaps between her mittens and coat sleeves, as well as the gap above her snow boots.

  7. Snow Graffiti

  8. With some spray bottles, food coloring and water, make some easy spray paint bottles for your little ones to decorate the snow. This will keep your little Picassos’ brains busy and tire them out!

  9. Burst Your Bubble

  10. Did you know you can blow bubbles when the temperature is below freezing, and they’ll actually freeze? Not many toddlers will enjoy such cold weather, but it’s a cool science experiment if you’re prepared to bundle them up for the show!

  11. Honey, I’m Home

  12. My pediatrician told me a recent study showed that honey is more effective as a cough-suppressant than even cough medicine. I’ve been giving my kids honey for years, and we all know you can’t give a kid younger than six cough medicine anyway. What’s great about honey is that there is no dosage restriction!

  13. Baby’s Breath

  14. One of your most critical wintertime appliances will be a cool-mist humidifier to combat the congestion that seems to hang around all season. Doctors will tell you the most you can do for your toddler’s runny nose and cough is saline nasal spray, honey, elevated head (put a blanket under the crib mattress at your toddler’s head) and a cool-mist humidifier. Make sure to choose a humidifier that’s the right size for your kid’s bedroom and is easy to refill and to clean, because this will be a nightly chore!

  15. Snow Tires

  16. You just want to get out for some exercise with your toddler strapped securely in his jogging stroller, but the sidewalks are slippery and slushy. Secure plastic zip ties every few inches around the tire spokes, and you just bought yourself some traction!

  17. It’s In the Bag

  18. I remember being so distraught when my kids got too big for sleep sacks – how were they going to stay warm all night? To avoid chilly, screaming toddlers waking up in the middle of the night, just put a toddler-sized sleeping bag in their bed. Zip them up, and they’ll be snug all night long!

  19. Buried Treasure

  20. Keep a well-hidden basket of toys for rainy days or when the temperature is much too low for toddlers. Rarely-seen puzzles, books, art supplies, action figures, toy cars and blocks (everything but the kitchen sink) will keep your kid entertained until nap time!

Keep the wintertime doldrums away with these 10 survival hacks, and before you know it, you and your toddler will have your day in the sun again!

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