Winter Chores to Accomplish as a Family

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but what about winter cleaning? Winter, when the weather is cold and the appeal of being outside is not quite there, is a great time to work on getting indoor chores complete. Why not get the whole family involved so you can get your tasks done and have more time for family fun, like board games and movies!

Four Ways to Finish Chores as a Family

1. Declutter: Winter is a great time for this satisfying activity. Go through closets and pull out clothes that haven’t been worn in the last year and toys that haven’t been touched. Make three piles, one each for donations, keepers and throw aways. Explain to your kids how they are blessing others when they choose to pass on what they no longer need to others.

2. Freshen Up the Overlooked Nooks & Crannies: One of our favorite focus areas while winter cleaning is the base boards, cabinet fronts and doors. My kids love to take cleaning wipes to these areas that tend to get detailed attention only a few times a year.

3. Clean for a Cause: A lot of food banks seek donations in the winter when attendance at shelters increases. Clean out the pantry and refrigerator, and set aside non-perishable food items to donate. As you are cleaning, use the moment to teach children about understanding that there are so many people who go without this time of year, and making generous donations can help in immense ways.

4. Help Your Neighbors: Winter is an especially great time to help others. Teaching kids the gift of doing service for others is a skill that will help them grow to be kind, compassionate people. If you have a neighbor who needs snow shoveled or a yard cleaned up, help that neighbor out as a family. Think outside your own home and family when assigning winter chores. Your family will grow in ways you can’t imagine when you help others together.

When you work together as a family, you’ll have more time to play together as a family. Happy cleaning!

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