Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Summer is right around the corner, and parents everywhere are dealing with kids that are either overscheduled or underscheduled.

I don’t like to keep my kids’ days packed full of activities during the summer, but I also don’t like them sitting around doing nothing all day.


“There’s a fine balance between enjoying the lazy days of summer and not actually being lazy.”


Each summer, my kids and I put together our summer bucket list. It is a list of activities we hope to complete by the end of each summer. Some items are simple to accomplish, while others are a little more complex and may require additional planning.

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Here are some of my family’s favorite activities from the past few summers to inspire you and your family to create memorable activities of your own!

  • Make homemade snow cones
  • Watch a movie outside
  • Host a tea party
  • Go to a rodeo
  • Swim at night
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Pick up trash along a walking trail
  • Eat ice cream for breakfast
  • Invite friends over for a water-balloon fight
  • Catch and release lightning bugs
  • Sleep outside
  • Make homemade play dough
  • Create a shaving cream slide
  • Plant and maintain a garden
  • Watch the sunset
  • Enjoy an indoor movie marathon day
  • Play flashlight tag
  • Start a dance party
  • Learn how to play a new sport
  • Write a letter to someone each week
  • Gather friends and enjoy an ice cream social

We are still working on our 2014 summer bucket list, but I guarantee that some of last year’s favorites will definitely make it on the list again this year! Discover even more ways to keep kids busy this summer with our summer fun secret weapons.

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