Want More Time For Yourself This Holiday Season? Shop Online

Parents know all too well how hard it is to shop with children in tow. It’s nearly impossible to shop when they are with you. As soon as you get to the toy aisle, you can have immediate breakdowns from your children, or bargaining, but always begging you to buy them a toy. I now spend less money and time by doing most of my shopping online.

Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, it’s time to check things off of the gift list. And online shopping is a great way to decrease the stress of our already over scheduled holidays. So slip into your pajamas, grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s get shopping!

Why Shop Online?

If you’re not already a fan of online shopping, keep in mind the benefits.


You can shop at any hour of the day! Online stores don’t have hours, which means you can get all of your shopping done after the children go to bed.

Less impulse buys

When you’re able to put items in your online shopping cart and then let them sit there for a few minutes (or days), it really gives you the opportunity to make sure those are the items you want to purchase. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the store and made impulse buys.

Search for the deals

You have search engines at your finger tips and have the chance to price match on loads of different websites before you buy. And with the online only deals some retailers offer, there are even more opportunities to save money.


It’s simple to do and most retailers have great online shopping support. So even if you do have to return something, it’s easy to do. Just be sure to read the return policies before making your purchase.

Things Keep in Mind When Shopping Online

Don’t forget to consider some of the following details when shopping online.

Timing is everything

Sales on the internet, just like at the store, have time limits. You must follow through with sale purchases during the time frame listed by the online store to get the benefits of the sales.


Transporting your goods from warehouse to home can be expensive. However most retailers offer competitive deals for shipping around the holidays. Regardless, you should be prepared to pay the price — especially if you need rushed shipping. But I can assure you the cost is more than worth avoiding the traffic, lines and issues with your children.

No window shopping

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re shopping for, especially if you’re looking for something new and exciting. You can suck up a lot of time trying to ‘window shop’ online instead of going to a store near you.

Tips to Online Power Shopping

Always search for coupon codes before you checkout

I have saved hundreds of dollars by searching for any sort of discount or free shipping. Retail Me Not is a great resource for this.

Buy second hand

Especially when you’re purchasing toys or clothing, it’s a great option to buy second hand. Thred Up, Tradesy, Dresm or Thred Flip are second hand clothing resources and shopping on ebay, your local craigslist or facebook mom swap can be quite useful. If you’re looking for second hand electronics, Swappa is a great resource, too.

Add to your cart, then leave it

If you’re not rushed to get a deal, I’ve found that sometimes online shopping websites will see that you’ve added things to your shopping cart and left for a day or two. They’ll usually end up sending you a coupon code to entice you to follow through with your purchase. If you have the time, I highly suggest it!

Always go shopping with a list

I’ve spent hours browsing for gifts when I haven’t a clue what exactly I want to purchase. When you go online shopping with a specific list, you’ll spend a lot less time doing it!

Subscription shopping as gifts

When you aren’t sure what to get someone, a great alternative to gift cards is to gift a subscription box or membership for them to personalize. For children, just a few favorites are Citrus Lane, Sparkbox Toys or Kiwi Crate. For babies or new moms: Bluum or 16 Minute Club. For women: Rocksbox, Stitchfix, Golden Tote or Birchbox. For the music lover: Pandora or Spotify.

It’s just as easy to find the joy of shopping online, it’s just a little different. Hopefully you’ll sit back on your couch, do some online shopping this holiday season and get more time for yourself in return. That’s a gift we can’t put a price on these days.

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