Unique Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids

If you are searching for a fun new celebration to share with your children, this is the post for you. Here are some unique holidays to celebrate this year—unofficial holidays that you may not know about. Extra points will be awarded to any mom or dad who can tackle the whole list!

Backward Day (January 31): There is nothing more fun than acting out a day of opposites, and that is just what you can do with your kids on Backward Day. Wear clothing backward, walk backward, and start your day with a big plate full of spaghetti in lieu of boring cereal.

Random-Acts-of-KindessWeekFINALRandom Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15): I am always on board with any holiday that teaches children compassion for others, and this week does just that. Have your child write a thank-you note to their teacher, bake a treat for a neighbor, visit a nursing home, or surprise a relative in a different state with a Skype or FaceTime session.

Look Alike Day (April 20): This holiday is almost like an official twin day for those who don’t actually have a twin. Surprise your kids and dress just like them, or have them dress like you for the day. See how closely you can resemble each other, sound like each other, or even dance like each other.

Brothers & Sisters Day (May 2): There is nothing like the relationship between siblings. Encourage your little ones to celebrate by sharing how much they love each other or demonstrating it by offering to help with homework or chores. Let them write a note or draw a picture that shows their appreciation for one another. Help them discover new ways to show love, and talk to them about how special sibling relationships are while growing up and beyond.

National Yo-Yo Day (June 6): Did you know that there is a picture in Greece of a little boy playing with a yo-yo that dates back to 440 B.C., and it’s possible the picture has been around even longer than that? The yo-yo has been around a long time, which is why it deserves its own celebration. Celebrate National Yo-Yo Day by learning a few new tricks. Visit YouTube and search for yo-yo tutorials to learn a few new moves together.


National Ice Cream Day (July 19): Who wouldn’t want to celebrate one of America’s favorite desserts? Celebrate the day by mixing up a batch of ice cream, and have the kids help create a topping station that includes all of their favorite sundae embellishments. Invite the neighbor kids over for an impromptu party, and let everyone build their own sundae to celebrate the fun holiday. 

National Tell a Joke Day (August 16): Knock, knock. Who’s there? National Tell a Joke Day, that’s who. Check out joke books from the library, and fill lunchboxes with jokes to celebrate the funny holiday together. Encourage your children to make up their own jokes and then laugh (even if they aren’t that funny).


Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19): I love a fun theme, and September 19 is dedicated to our pirate friends. Celebrate by dressing like a pirate, watch “Treasure Island,” and be sure to talk like a pirate too. Arrrr, matey!

World Pasta Day (October 25): One of my kids’ favorite foods is pasta, so I don’t think I will have to work hard to get them to celebrate this day with me. Have your kids help make the pasta sauce and roll the meatballs to create a fun feast perfect for celebrating the holiday together. Purchase different varieties of pasta and see if they can identify the types of noodles to make this delicious holiday a little more educational. I definitely think this fun meal should be enjoyed with a viewing of “Lady and the Tramp,” don’t you?

Whether you celebrate one or all of these unique holidays, you and your children are bound to learn something new, while creating fun memories together.

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