Activities for Bad-Weather Days

You know those song lyrics; “Summer’s here and the living’s easy..”?

Well, here in Coastal South Texas, summer means Hurricane Season and temperatures in the triple digits with equal humidity.

Hurricane Alex blessedly (for us) went South and we caught just the heavy rains and not so crazy winds.  Because of the torrential rains and winds, my kids are pretty much housebound.  We can’t leave due to flooding and tornadoes so it’s up to us to keep the kids occupied.

My children are outdoor kids; they love the beach, the sun, their scooters and bikes, fishing and playgrounds and everything else you can do under the sun from sidewalk chalk games to playing leap frog in the grass and rolling down hills until they’re dizzy.

In preparation for the bad weather I stocked up on paper and crayons and handy snacks.  I thought I’d share a few of my kids’ favorite activities with y’all.  I hope the reasons you use them are fun and not out of desperation as a result of natural disasters.

Treasure Maps:  My 3 year old is a wee bit obsessed with pirates and treasure maps so, we clip paper to an easel and he draws his own maps and then takes his big sister and any other willing (read: trapped) participants on a hunt as he tells us in great detail what each item on the map is and shows it’s corresponding point in the house.

Art Gallery:  Heavy string hung on picture nails and clothespins turn my study into an art gallery for the kids’ art-work.  I rolled ham around thinly sliced green apples and sharp cheddar, stuck them with toothpicks and cut them into thirds, placed them on a platter with “fancy” vegetable crackers and served the kids juice in plastic champagne glasses.  They ‘toured’ the gallery and commented on each others artwork and had a lovely afternoon showing off their work to each other and my husband and me.

Rousing games of Go Fish and Old Maid, dress up, play acting and reading out loud, as well as Domino Houses, trails, race-tracks and pyramids have helped us to while away the hours, too.

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