Summer Pet Care Tips

When the days get longer and the temperature heats up, it’s important to find ways to stay cool. This goes for our four-legged friends too. Here are some ways to keep the “dog days of summer” from being unbearable for your pets.

How to Keep Pets Safe in the Summer

  1. Keep them hydrated. One of the most important things to remember for pets when it’s hot is ensuring they stay hydrated. Make sure they have access to an unlimited supply of water, especially if they stay outside for long periods of time. Replace water with fresh, cool and clean water a few times a day.

Tip: Make pet freezer treats! Combine a cup of peanut butter with a mashed banana and a little water. Divvy the mixture up into an ice cube tray, then freeze. Indulge your hot pet as needed.

  1. Give them a place to cool off. If possible, bring pets inside when the weather is unbearably hot. If that’s not possible, make sure your furry friends are kept in an area with plenty of shade. In addition, place a small baby pool filled with water in a shady spot so they can stay cool.

Tip: Get the whole family into bathing suits, and turn on the sprinkler. Your pet will love spending time with friends while everyone stays cool.

  1. Treat for fleas and ticks. One of the biggest problems pets face in the summer months is the increase of fleas and ticks. Have your yard treated for these harmful parasites, and treat your pets regularly as well. Consult with your veterinarian about what kind of preventive measures should be taken to protect your pet from pests.

Tip: During unbearable heatwaves, enjoy air conditioning and family time indoors. Craft items like treat jars, food bowls and collars for your furry friends to enjoy.

  1. Exercise. Pets still need exercise during the summer, but plan to take them on walks or to the pet park during cooler times in the day. Early morning or later evening after the sun has gone down works best. If it’s too hot for you to be out, your pet most likely feels even hotter, so go when it is most comfortable for you. And remember to bring plenty of water for both of you.

Tip: Is your family is thinking about adding a new friend to the family? Discover a few easy ways to incorporate a new pet into the home.

  1. Practice safety. A leading cause of death for pets in the summer months is heatstroke from being left in a hot car. Never, ever leave your pet in a hot car, even if the windows are cracked. A car heats up very quickly in the summer, and pets can’t survive it. Stay safe and take your pet out of the car with you so they aren’t harmed.

Tip: Summer is a time for outdoor gatherings, and oftentimes, pets are a part of the celebration. Kindly remind guests that food scraps shouldn’t be given to animals by placing small reminder cards on tables and around food serving areas.

As long as you remember the basics—constant water, shade and rest—you will help keep your pets happy and healthy this summer.

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