Springtime Fun with the Kids

Outdoor activities during the Spring can be boat-loads of fun.  You’re finally enjoying the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air and beginning to see flowering plants and trees.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful sight to see!  Everything is absolutely coming alive.  If your kids are anything like my kids, they want to be outside playing.  From the second they arrive home from school, the non-stop questioning begins, “Can we please go outside!?”  When I say, “Yes!” it’s like they literally have won the lottery.

I love to find activities for the kids to do (with all of my sons) together.  It’s not always easy to do, but I have found a few things that make everyone happy and consumes our time beautifully!

Fun Spring Activities

1.  Planting Flowers: My sons love heading to flower shops and picking out some beautiful flowers to plant.  Each spring we plant flowers in a very special garden on the side of our house.  Each boys takes great pride in digging the hole, placing the bulbs/roots into the ground and covering the hole with dirt.  It is wonderful to be teaching them (though they don’t know it!) about planting and growth and then the beauty that comes from it.  One thing it’s taught them is patience, they have to wait for the flowers to grow!  When they see them starting to sprout, you can’t stop their smiles!

2.  Hopscotch: This is something I loved to do as a child. It’s always fun to bring back some games that evoke wonderful memories for mom, too! I love watching the boys challenge themselves as they jump from box-to-box, all-the-while counting as they go (they love getting the number sequences right!).  It’s adorable and such a fun activity to do!

3.  Treasure Hunts: Treasure hunts are so much fun for kids!  I love to create themed Treasure Hunts.  We just had a Star Wars one recently.  I hide little Star Wars men around the yard and give the boys easy clues as to where the next “man” is.  They have an absolute blast!  All you have to do is create 10-12 (easy) clues bringing them to different areas in your backyard.  At the end of the treasure hunt I always have something fabulous waiting for them! Cookies. Toys. Cold drinks. (Or in this past treasure hunt – a few new Star Wars guys!)

4.  Bubbles: There’s nothing like bubbles!  What I love about playing with bubbles is that it’s such an easy activity for everyone to participate in.  My older guys love to make the bubbles.  My younger guys love to chase the bubbles.  Everyone is happy.  What you can do is have some extra fun with the bubbles… we sing songs, we “name” the bubbles funny names, we try and place bubbles on our noses, we have some fun with them.

5.  Sidewalk Chalk: Sidewalk chalk is always a great hit with the kids.  Whenever we have playdates, I always let the boys bring out the bucket of chalk and “create-away” on our driveway.  My sons love it when I trace them on the driveway and they get to see how big they are.  It’s also fun to draw letters and numbers and funny paths down the driveway.

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