Spring Tradition: Magic Jelly Beans

With Spring in the air, thoughts are nestled in warmer weather, spring break, and the next big holiday – Easter. Easter lends itself to many cherished traditions in our home which range from “just for fun – with no meaning” traditions, like the Easter Bunny, to more meaningful, faith based ideas.

One of our favorite traditions, which sparks magic in the hearts of our children, centers around our Magic Jelly Beans.

These colorful jelly beans are meant to be planted by children who love surprises. The beauty of this tradition is that any space will do, whether it’s a corner in the garden, a small flower pot or even your grass.

Encourage the children to dig little holes and “plant” your Magic Jelly Bean in each hole. Let them rest overnight, but once the kids are asleep; carefully place a lollipop where each bean has been planted. Imagine their delight the next morning, when your children see their amazing surprise. An entire Lollipop Garden has grown where their beans were planted.

Often, teaching character virtues to our children in a tangible way is a challenge, but tweaking the idea of the “Magic Jelly Beans” to Joy Filled Jelly Beans, you can create a learning opportunity the week (or month) leading up to Easter.

lollipop-GardenExplain to your children that each time you or another family member observes them doing something helpful for someone or going above and beyond without being asked, then they will get to put one Joy Filled Jelly Bean into the “special growing pot.”  Then continue on the tradition as explained above, but share with your children on Easter morning, that because they sewed kindness and acts of service, their jelly beans could blossom into something so much greater – a beautiful garden.

This puts such a wonderful twist on the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

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