Refresh Your Spring Space for Less

There’s nothing more exciting than that first glance at our long lost friend, Spring, there on our doorstep. It’s time to wipe the dust off the coffee table, hide away heavy blankets and welcome this season with the door wide open.

Is this also a time of year when you’re tempted to go shopping with this spring-fueled mantra, “Out with the cold and in with the new?” WELL, STOP!

As a frugal gal, I’m happy to remind you of the smartest tricks you already have at your disposal before you make that trip to the décor store.

  1. Instead of New Pillows, Try New Pillow CoversI am the queen of throw pillows, but I’m also the queen of small spaces. That’s forced me into a brilliant discovery: I can switch pillow covers instead of buying new throw pillows. Switching your textiles to brighter and lighter colors is easy with a new pillow cover and it cuts down on storage of out-of-season fabrics and materials. Plus, with some basic sewing skills and a little fabric, you can even make your own.
  2. Instead of Fresh Flowers, Try Houseplants
    Spring have you jonesin’ for some fresh-cut tulips and daffodils? Fresh flowers are a fun grocery splurge, but I hate how quickly they always fade. A hearty houseplant, however, is a bit of spring beauty that will last far longer.

If you have a black thumb like me, ask your florist which variety of plants will do the best in your home under your adoring, yet neglectful care. Ain’t no shame!

I told our florist I desire only things equivalent to a cactus in our Indiana yard and home. After a good laugh, he pointed me to succulents as a great plant for my skillset.  I get so many more months of enjoyment out of them than a weekly bouquet. Now I know: houseplants that require little watering or low lighting always seem to do well under my care.

As a black thumb professional, I’ve also found that purchasing these plants from a place where the pre-purchase care is questionable (big box stores) will usually mean a winner of a plant in my house. If it can survive life at a superstore, I’m pretty sure it will be fine our house!

  1. Instead of Buying More, RearrangeAll of those new fresh décor styles are out and it can be awfully tempting to buy, buy, buy. Instead, stay out of the style aisles and plan a major switcheroo instead. Give furniture one room a new home in another or consider giving a tired area a completely new purpose.

    That dining room you never use, for example, may be your new craft studio waiting to happen. And you’ve just set the stage for a fun girl’s night activity! Get some wine and tap into their fresh eyes to help you re-imagine the space.

  2. Instead of More Visual Clutter, Add the Element of ScentWant a new feel throughout your home? Maybe the answer isn’t visual at all. Maybe it’s more of a smell thing. Try replacing the stale winter air with a fresh new scent throughout your whole hose. Essential oil diffusers are an inexpensive way to bring in mint, lavender, lemon or a blend of all three, depending on your mood. They also, supposedly, have health benefits too. I know they’re amazing for my mood.

See that as just another way to clutter? Try totally authentic scents like a big basket filled with fresh smelling citrus fruits. Also, dishes aren’t such a drag with a spring-scented soap and a new dish scrubber.

Or how about just going totally old-school? Open your windows and let all that fresh air into your home (as long as the fam isn’t too bad with allergies). Ta-da! Your space feels like spring and it’s totally free. Let’s face it: there’s nothing, NOTHING quite like feeling the spring breeze right in your living room for the very first time this year.

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