When Mom’s Out of Town

I often wonder what the boys do when I’m traveling. I ask my husband how the boys were, he says, “Good.” What did you guys do? “Nothing” Really, nothing! I know that’s not the case because the house is too clean. That’s usually a sign that there was a huge mess that they’re covering.

I got a glimpse of the craziness on Saturday evening. I was away, but my husband popped up a video on his Facebook account called “William got a gorilla costume.” Yes, you read that right, a gorilla costume. I was asked to pick and review a costume from halloweencostumes.com and my husband talked my son into a gorilla suit.

The costume arrived Saturday in the mail and right before bedtime (great time to get the kids wound up) my husband had William try it on. He said he was hesitant at first, unsure of how it would feel and not wanting to have his face covered, but soon he saw the reaction of his brothers, he began getting excited.

They came up with a game. William would sit still on the couch, wearing the gorilla suit and the other boys would slowly approach, trying not to get scared until finally William would jump up and act like a gorilla. He said they had great fun, laughing and giggling as they made their approach and screaming and running when the “gorilla” attacked. Needless to say, they were exhausted and fell asleep quickly that night after an hour of playing gorilla.

The next day he said they were all outside and they invented their own variation of the gorilla game called “freak out.” Basically, it was hide and seek, but the seeker had to try to sneak up on the hiders and freak them out! My husband said it was perfect because he was raking leaves in the yard and they played freak out for two hours, running and laughing the whole time and that let him get his work done in the yard.

It’s funny, but the boys really don’t like to get scared, in fact they hate it! I guess it was because they were anticipating the scare or felt safe with one another, but my husband says that the gorilla game and freak out were big hits. Two days filled with laughter and tired, tired boys at the end of the night.

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