My Favorite Vacation Memory

Don’t let the summer pass without reflecting on the fun memories you made with your own family this year. And remember, the memories don’t have to be in a different state or city! They can take place in your own backyard.

When I was a child, my family traveled to Estes Park, Colorado almost every year for vacation. It was a long drive that began in the plains of Kansas and ended in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

We had so much fun on our summer vacations in Estes Park, hiking, rock climbing, watching wildlife and more. One of my favorite summer vacation memories, though, is our annual tradition of stopping at the “Welcome to Estes Park” sign and feeding the chipmunks. We always made sure to have a bag of stale bread or peanuts readily available to feed the little and quite friendly chipmunks at the sign.

Many years have passed, and I now have kids of my own. It wasn’t until this past summer that we were able to travel to Estes Park as a family and build memories of our own. Once we pulled into town, the very first thing we did was grab our bag of peanuts, and head to the sign to feed the chipmunks. It was such a fun experience for me to see one of my favorite childhood memories played out with my own kids. They still talk about how that was one of their favorite parts of our summer vacation!

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