Kids’ Movie Guide

Rainy summer days are the perfect time to enjoy a movie day with your kids! Make it lots of fun by creating a movie theatre in your own house. Set up a comfortable spot for viewing, filled with pillows and blankets. Then, create a multitude of theatre snacks, like drinks, popcorn, candy, pizza, nachos, etc. You’ll be set up for a day full of movies in no time!

To jumpstart your viewing pleasure, I’ve selected a few of my family’s favorites.

My Family’s Top Five Favorite Movies

  1. Despicable Me: An evil villain, Gru, lives in suburbia in an underground lair with his minions. He plots to steal the moon, and in the process adopts three girls to help execute his plan. Throughout his scheme, Gru grows to love the girls and has to decide between being evil or becoming a father.
  1. Toy Story: See the world from a toy’s view! Andy’s toys become frightened when a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, is brought home and threatens to replace them. Woody, a pull-string cowboy, plots to get rid of Buzz, but in the process things don’t go as planned, and they get lost in the real world together. Watch Toy Story to go on the adventure with the toys, and see if they will be reunited with Andy and the rest of their toy friends.
  1. Tangled: Tangled is based on the classic story of the lost princess, Rapunzel. She was born with long, magical hair, a valuable resource for Mother Gothel, the woman who stole the princess when she was a baby. All of her life, she lives in a tall tower, never having touched the grass. This all changes when a thief takes refuge in her tower and they go on an outside adventure.
  1. Stuart Little: Stuart Little is a mouse who is adopted by a human family. The family cat, Snowbell, is not so keen on Stuart and plots to get rid of him. Through this, Stuart and the family experience an adventure of a lifetime.
  1. The Incredibles: A family that possesses superpowers is forced to live quietly in suburbia. However, the father of the family has a constant urge to get back out there and help people with his superpowers. Through this itch, the family is forced to group together to fight evil, and in the meantime, learn what they can really do when they join forces.

Tip: Interested in visiting the movie theater rather than sitting at home? Check out the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, slated for release in August. Evil Shredder has a grip on New York City, from police to the politicians. Seems grim until four brothers rise from the sewers and realize their destiny as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles work with their reporter friend April to save the city from Shredder’s evil plan.

This list is just a start to a variety of movies that would be perfect for a summertime movie day.

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