Where Are You Heading for Vacation?

Pool club is open.  Beach is packed.  School is out.   The ice cream shops have opened everywhere.  And it’s HOT!

With the summer, comes vacation from school.  This usually means for my family, it’s summer travel time.  With 4 kids who are 5 and under… we don’t want to be traveling too far and for too long.  We’re all about the car because it’s easier for us to transport the boys in our car rather than a plane or train.  We haven’t even attempted a plane ride with all 4 boys yet, I think sitting in an airport for hours scares me!  In a car, they boys are relaxed, calm and don’t feel confined.  It’s good for me and my husband because we can come and go as we please.  We can stop 100 times if we have to for potty breaks.  We can detour off out “desired” route.  We can do anything we want.  We are the masters of our trip.

My husband and I sat down this past weekend to “map” out some summer travel destinations.  We really thought of things that 4 boys would love to do.  There are definitely some places we want to “hit” this summer… with our youngest being 2 years old, we’re finally at that stage where it’s possible and doable to be out and about with 4 boys and not chasing a baby… and even be out without a diaper bag!

Here’s our short checklist of places to travel to this summer:

1. Cape Cod

There are some gorgeous beaches that are extremely kid-friendly.

2. Sesame Place – Langhorne, PA

The boys love Sesame Street, so we are finally going to check this amazing place out this summer.  I went there as a little girl, so I’m very excited!

3. Pittsburgh (my in-laws live there)

This is a must-do trip… 10 hours in the car, but very important.

4. North Conway, NH

With the shopping outlets for me… I will have fun.  But for the boys – tons of things to do – mini golf, hiking, lake swimming and gorgeous scenery.

5. Martha’s Vineyard

My husband’s never been here.  I went every summer as a child, and I am looking forward to starting this with my own family.  Plus, I know they will all love the ferry ride over!

My husband wants to camp with the boys, but I’m thinking they’re a little too young.  What do you think? At 5, 4, 3 and 2?

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