Is Summer the Best Time to Get a Dog?

If a dog is a boy’s best friend, why does Mom usually end up doing the feeding, the walking, the washing, the grooming, the training? Luckily sweet photos like this one make it all worth it.

Last summer, our family of six adopted a GoldenDoodle puppy. The time was right because the kids were home all day. This is helpful even if you wind up doing most of the care and feeding.

He is the sweetest puppy… filled with energy, snuggles, kisses and of course… a love for muddy puddles. If you are thinking about getting a dog this summer, let me give you a few tips beforehand.

8 Tips When Getting a Puppy in the Summer

1. Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night

Since it is hot in the middle of the day, you will want to walk your dog in the morning or late at night.  It may mean that your dog isn’t getting quite as much exercise as you’d hope, but you don’t want to overheat your dog.

2. Get a good trainer

It is SO worth it.  We hired a trainer last summer and we are going to be meeting once a week in the morning. Trust me! We didn’t do this in the past and we regretted it.  This time, as soon as he was old enough (around 5-6 months), we found a local trainer and went for weekly sessions. Our dog is not well behaved, but now he listens to us.  It’s the difference between stress (for me) and easy. Don’t even think twice it is an investment of time and money that will last their lifetime.

 3. Keep him hydrated

Keep your dog hydrated in the summertime. Instead of bones for treats, we give our puppy ice cubes.  He loves them and it gives him a little extra water. Bring water on walks. There are plenty of ways to do this, including everything from collapsible cups to a little vest your dog wears with water bottles and a mini bowl.

4. Put a fan by the crate

We bought a basic fan at the store and we keep it near our dog’s crate. When he is in there, the fan is blowing on him.  He loves it and goes in there to rest when he is hot.

5. Use a large crate

Get a crate that is large enough to give your dog room to grow and room to walk around. If they are not able to spread out, they will feel hot and confined. The crate is supposed to be a safe place of comfort for the dog. This will make it more comfortable and he won’t feel bad if he has to go in.  I am a softie, but I put a fan facing our dog’s crate because he hates to be hot. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but if he has to be in a crate already, why not make it better?

6. Start giving him a bath often when he is young

A nice bath or a cool spray with the hose will cool your dog down. Our dog LOVES to get a bath and I think it was because we started young.  He hated the first two, but soon learned to LOVE getting a bath!  He actually gets in with the kids most nights, so I have to shut the door if I want to keep him out. As soon as the bathtub is filled, he jumps in. I guess to him it is just a mini pool in our house.

7.  Spray their paws

Dogs cool from the bottom up, so be sure to spray their paws and belly after a walk if they are on a hot surface.

8. Booties keep their feet cool

We have never done this, but my best friend puts her dogs in little booties when they take a walk in the summer.  She swears by it and says that it allows her dogs to walk further in the summertime because their feet don’t get hot.

Keep these tips in mind to make sure you, your family and most importantly your dog have a fun and wonderful summer.

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