How to Help Your Family Go Green

After watching a few documentaries about adopting a greener, more ecologically responsible lifestyle in the home, my husband and I have slowly started transitioning to becoming more resourceful and earth-conscious. This includes reevaluating everything, from products we use to reusing products.

Easy Ways to Become a Greener Family
We started off easy and we’re progressively making more of an impact. Here are some basic tips to get your family started:

  1. Eliminate Chemicals. This is better for the Earth and for your family. We started making our own laundry detergent and using natural products for disinfecting, bathing and even putting on makeup.
  2. Reuse or Repurpose. Whether it’s an empty plastic container or an old box, think of ways you can reuse or repurpose them. For example, my husband loves using old plastic screw-top containers for storing items like nails in his workshop. Likewise, we love reusing boxes that we get in the mail to make imaginary play toys for our son.
  3. Recycle. Educate yourself on what your city will recycle, and do your best to follow the guidelines. It’s our goal to take out the recycling twice as much as we do the trash.
  4. Reduce Packaging. Take little steps like opting for reusable bags at the grocery store, and limiting the amount of packaged products to purchase. Buy fruits and veggies straight off the racks or at a local farmer’s market, and buy nuts, flours and dried fruits in bulk.

The Benefits of Changing Your Family’s Habits
These basic changes just scratch the surface of ways you can help protect Mother Nature. Not only will most of these things positively impact the environment, but most will allow you to be more cost effective in your day-to-day routines. Need a few more simple ways to make a big impact? Turn off the water while brushing your teeth; Turn off lights in rooms not being used; Wash large loads of laundry rather than small loads; And when the weather is nice, cool your house by opening windows and turning off the air conditioner.

Start slow and do what is manageable! It will eventually become second nature to help Mother Nature!

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