Get Simple This Spring: Get Rid of Stuff!

We moved four times in just over a year. It was exhausting. After packing and unpacking loads of stuff that we hardly ever used, I knew it was time to scale back. During this period of time, we loaded up a storage unit with our belongings and just kept the essentials with us.

After a year of being stored in that unit, I realized we didn’t need most of the things in there. It’s amazing that this stuff was right in front of me for years. I couldn’t bear to part with it until I went without it for so long, finally realizing and admitting to myself that I didn’t need it. So, I went through the entire house, a lot like An Organized Mom did. It was hard, emotionally speaking, but afterwards I felt refreshed and clean. I felt simpler and my life since then has felt more relaxed.

Fast forward to present day and I constantly fight the urge to buy and continually find ways to pare down even more. Just think, the less stuff you have, the less you clean up, tidy up and dust. I know my duster could use a vacation! My house is now full of clean spaces and minimal decor. The table tops and walls are minimally decorated. You look around and everything seems quite clean, even when the kids are amongst their mid-day play. So instead of spring cleaning, I do spring freshening.

Pops of Color

I love neutral colors in a home, but come spring time, I like to bring in pops of color. Whether this is as simple as a vase of yellow tulips or a impromptu children’s art wall, the color and simple change can really freshen up the home.

Update Your Photographs

Everyday your family grows right in front of your eyes. Hire a photographer or just go in the backyard for a quick photo shoot. Update the picture frames with new photos around the house with those candid photographs of your crew and smile every time you pass by them.

Bring in the Light

The more light you can let into your home, the better. I’ve learned over the years to let the light in. While I walk around our neighborhood, I can’t help but notice that almost every house keeps their blinds closed all day, every day. I can’t imagine the stuffiness and darkness that the house must feel like inside. Open up those blinds and let the sunshine brighten up your home. When you don’t have the luxury of natural light, turn on those lamps and overhead lighting (LED, if you can!) to really make it bright.

Just think: Clean lines. Pop of color. Simply fresh! These mantras will help you get rid of stuff and simplify this Spring.

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