Game Day

The frost glistens, as the subtle sun reflects off the wintery white. My son’s cheeks redden as he saunters out to our wood pile snagging another log to top off the roaring fire inside. Soft classical music plays in the background, and our home is filled with the smells of a home cooked meal. As we gather around the fire,it’s peaceful and serene. A regular Norman Rockwell scene.

WAIT! Who am I trying to kid? It’s not peaceful or serene, it’s GAME DAY!!

Testosterone rages through our family room as three teenage football playing sons and one old timer dad, reliving his college football playing years, hoot, holler and high five as their team runs out onto the field. Yes, the fire does roar in the fireplace, along with a roaring loud family room filled with fans. Yes, smells of comfort food permeate throughout the house, but if you’re looking for a serene environment, look elsewhere for the next four hours because the only question being answered is, “Are you ready for some football?”

As a family born and raised in Wisconsin, specifically, a husband growing up in Green Bay, “Game Day” isn’t just a few hours spent watching football, it’s a day to experience life to its fullest, along with all the toppings. Toppings in this family mean donning our Packer gear, lighting the grill, gathering family and friends, and then enjoying food, fun and football all afternoon long.

This experience is not to be taken lightly, nor is the food. The food in itself stimulates the senses, and sets the atmosphere for the evening.

The first course of appetizers soothes the stomach while waiting for the main course. Taco dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip,  Cheese Ball, Sausage and Hot Artichoke Dip represent just a few of our favorites. These appetizers keep the carnivores at bay for a few moments, but soon the counter is filled with their favorites, and it’s typically, a carnivore’s delight.

Growing up in Wisconsin, the Packer’s grace most TV’s every Sunday afternoon, along with the food staples of meat and cheese. I’d be remiss not to mention beer as well, but the irony is that neither my husband nor I drink beer. That fact doesn’t stand in the way of this Wisconsin Beer Dip topping the list as a favorite game day dip.

I’m always on the hunt for recipes that whip up quickly, and that means appetizers as well. Just a dash of beer mixed into this recipe adds an unbelievably unique flavor. It’s completely addicting, and makes a huge amount for any get together.

What are some of your favorite Game Day foods? I’d love to know, since I’m always on the hunt for more ideas.

Have a blast this Game Day time of year, and make it a time of enjoying family, friends and football. And remember, if you aren’t sure who to cheer for, don’t forget to chant, “Go Pack!”

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