Five Summer Fun Secret Weapons

Keeping kids busy during summer break can be a challenge for any mom or dad, so here are five super simple activities, many of which use items already around the house, to fill any child’s time with creative, unique play.

Masking Tape Magic
An inexpensive roll of masking tape can provide most children hours of fun. One of my favorite go-to activities is to let the kids tape some old-fashioned games on our low-pile carpeting.

The masking tape won’t hurt the carpet, and kids have fun setting up the games by themselves. Tic-tac-toe is easy for kids of all ages. (I use PVC parts for game pieces but you can easily use cut-out pieces of construction paper.) Another fun game is to create a taped bull’s-eye at the end of a hallway. Add a couple of small balls to the mix, and children will have fun seeing who can roll the ball closest to the center.

More Fun With Painter’s Tape

Here’s another fun activity that uses painter’s tape. Choose a doorway in your house or a frame, and let the kids create a “spider web” with the tape. Once the web is in place, create “spiders” using crumbled up pieces of newsprint or tissue paper.

The Game: Children take turns tossing paper spiders to the sticky side of the spider web. The child who gets the most spiders to stick wins! Another plus to this activity is that it will keep one child busy as well. They will love making the web and have fun getting spiders to stick.

Make Bracelets With Dryer Hose Clamps

Turn a few metal dryer hose clamps, available at any hardware store (or your basement!) into terrific bracelets every child will love crafting. All you need is yarn, a dryer hose clamp and a kid! First, adjust the clamp to the desired size with a screwdriver then begin the project by tying the end of the yarn onto the clamp. Your child will keep busy for a long time as he carefully wraps yarn around the clamp to create a colorful bracelet!

Ring Toss 

You know those removable hooks every college student uses to hang prized possessions on the wall? Next time you’re at the store, stock up on a few. They create the foundation for a great kid’s game.

Mount a few on the wall (they don’t leave marks), give the kids a few soft rings (pieces of rope duct taped into rings work great) and you’ve just created a fantastic ring toss game on the wall.

Create an Outdoor Summer Oasis!

Here’s a 10-minute way to create an outdoor oasis for your kids. Attach two cotton shower curtains with hooks to a hula hoop, and hang it from a backyard tree. Add a few blankets and pillows, and your kids will enjoy a secret getaway all summer long.

Keep it simple, and go have fun with your kids. Making memories doesn’t require a big price tag, just a little creativity!

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