Festive Fall Fun

The Fall is here! Can you feel it in the air? It’s such a beautiful time of year. In Rhode Island leaves are changing, the sweatshirts are out at night and the Halloween decorations have already made their way out into my home. What can I say… it’s my favorite time of year!

With the Fall comes some wonderful activities that my sons look forward to every year. We’re all about making each season fun and exciting… but there’s just something extra special about the Fall. There’s so much to do!

Here are some of my favorite Family Activities to do this Fall:

1. Apple Picking.

We look forward to apple picking every single year. We try and get as many apples as we can possibly hold and then go home to bake! There have been some incredible apple pies and apple muffins made from our apple picking apples! Not to mention, the boys love helping in the baking process.

2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

My sons William and Alexander each have a birthday in the Fall season. Each year we do a Halloween themed birthday with a gigantic Halloween Scavenger Hunt. I pick about 20 different spots throughout my house and backyard and send the kids off on a “haunted hunt.” I put something very “Halloweeny” at each stop – fake spider webs, fake bugs, pumpkins, costumes, etc. The kids all have a blast going from place to place. But don’t just limit this to a birthday activity! Have fun with this as just as Halloween party!

3. Leaf Pile Jumping

My sons BEG for this fun activity – maybe it’s just boys that do this!? LOL… but every weekend we go out and rake the yard. There are so many leaves out there, and each week seems to bring more and more leaves… we rake them all in a gigantic pile and the boys have a blast jumping in them. It’s an easy activity… it’s free… and it brings lots of laughter and smiles!

4. Pumpkin Carving

Oh, yes… the pumpkin carving festivities begin at the McClelland household towards the end of September! The boys all get a pumpkin and we spend a couple of hours cleaning them out and then carving away! I always carve one with the word “McClelland”… but the boys love to make scary faces with my husband. It’s such a fun time.

5. Hay Ride

Call local farms and orchards around your home to see if they offer Hay Rides. I used to love going on these as a child, and I make sure we have done it every year with the kids. It’s so much fun driving and sitting in the hay and just relaxing. This year we even found a “haunted Hay Ride” to go in which we’re very excited about! It really gets you in the Fall mood!

6. Fall Crafts

It is so much fun to bring outside items – leaves, acorns, grass, hay, pumpkins, seeds, etc – inside to create some artful masterpieces. We never know what will actually be created, but we have so much fun bringing out the glue and paper and crayons and paint to do something FALL FUN!

What are some of your favorite fall activities? Would love to hear!

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