Exercise as a Family

Exercising as a family has always been an important goal of mine, even before I had kids. My husband and I would routinely go running with our dog as a family of two and a canine. Once we got pregnant, we knew we wanted our son to get used to a stroller as soon as he was born, so we consistently used it on walks and runs, building up stamina as a family. Our son got used to the trips in the stroller, and it became a daily outing that we all looked forward to.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we modified our routine to give our son the exercise he needs too. We went from running wherever we, the adults, want, to basing our runs in playgrounds and parks. That way, once we finish exercising, our son can run around and enjoy the playground with us. It gives us a chance to cool down and stretch while playing games and chasing our little guy around.

I’m sure as our son grows, our family’s exercising habits will adapt, and we will seek more family friendly ways to exercise. For example:

  • Play sports as a family, like tennis, swimming or basketball.
  • Help maintain a beautiful lawn or garden together.
  • Participate in family fun runs or walks during a local weekend race.
  • Play music or dancing games on a gaming console to get active.
  • Take a walk after dinner and bring the dog along.

Exercising as a family is good for your health and the growth of a family! It doesn’t have to be dreaded exercise, but it can be fun and exciting by consistently changing it up a bit and continually moving.

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