Creating Memories: Father’s Day Family Fun

I love family traditions, especially on holidays. Father’s Day is no exception, my kids and I had a great day celebrating Father’s Day with their daddy, my wonderful husband of 15 years.

Usually, we have donuts for breakfast on Father’s Day and on birthdays. This year, we changed up the tradition just a bit. Instead, I made homemade Crescent Cinnamon Rolls. I can tell you from the rave reviews that donuts on Father’s Day are a thing of the past. These were soooo yummy!


After breakfast, we all got ready and headed to church. We enjoyed a wonderful message, then we took my hubby out to lunch. Before I tell you where we ate lunch, don’t judge. Our church is about 30 minutes away from home in a small town. There are only about 3 sit down restaurants, and all of them had a super long line except for………The Western Sizzlin. I have to admit, they’ve got a mean salad bar, and my kids love all the veggies on the buffet. (No we are not buffet warriors but my kiddos loved these gigantic rolls.)




I took a great nap on the way home. There is nothing like a mid afternoon full belly power nap. As you can imagine, after making the Crescent Cinnamon Rolls I had quite a mess in the kitchen to clean up. We do good to arrive at church 15 minutes late on Sunday Morning, if I would have cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast we would have never made it. It was one of those mornings when the dishwasher was full of clean dishes, you know what I mean.

After we all had some down time, we decided to go to the driving range and hit golf balls. My husband played golf in college so he is really good. Both Morgan and Caleb, have his natural athletic ability. I on the other hand, do not have one athletic bone in my body. Even so, we had so much fun! My heart just bubbled over watching Morgan and Caleb hit the ball.



Of course, we had to have a couple of transition moments since baseball and softball season just ended. At first, I think they were confused. Once they quit whacking the ball like a baseball/softball I was amazed at how good they were.


I on the other hand, stood back for a few minutes, happy to be the family photographer when my husband handed over his driver. We’ve been together 18 years (married 15 1/2), and I’ve only tried to really hit a golf ball two or three times. Having already admitted my lack of natural athletic ability, I was a little nervous. However, it didn’t take long before I started enjoying hitting the ball. All my stress, began to slowly disappear.


Don’t let the form fool you, remember I told you that my hubby played golf in college? He showed me how to swing the golf club.



Swooooshhhhh……..yes that is the ball you see, still on the tee. I can hit some mean air balls. Eventually, after several more “practice swings” I started hitting the ball.


My hubby is really good! All those years of practice paid off. We had so much fun together at the driving range. As a family, I’d love for us to start playing golf together now that the kiddos are old enough. Especially as they get older, we’ve got to make sure we show interest in things they are interested in and be purposeful in planning family fun time together. Father’s Day was just the beginning, we’ve got the rest of the summer to hang out at the driving range together. Besides having a blast, it was great exercise. Trust me, my arm muscles are killing me. Morgan and Caleb are already asking when we can go back. Yes, we created a new memory that really mattered to them.

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