Ideas for Beating the Summertime Blahs

Summer is here … have you already started to hear the chorus of “I’m Bored” – “She touched me” – “Moooom, There’s Nothing to Do”?

I try to give my kids a few days of down time after school gets out to adjust their sleep cycles, come down from all the end of school madness and make plans for the summer.

I know it can seem like there’s simply nothing to do when your kids are clamoring around you wanting ideas, complaining, whining and fighting.

I thought I’d share a few of my (so far) no-fail ideas:

• Check your local library for story times and activity times: Ours does reading programs for great rewards like movie tickets, restaurant coupons, books and more. Some libraries have set days for pre-schoolers, toddlers, elementary, middle and teenagers to keep everyone involved.
• Look into local churches for summer programs, there are usually at least five here throughout the summer and my kids pick one to go to with their friends.
• Our high school does a cheer camp for one week each summer where kinder through middle school girls go and learn dances and cheers and then perform for their parents the last day.
• We have a local park that has a sprinkler pad – a giant concrete circle with metal structures that turn into sprinklers when a sensor is pressed.
• Schedule playgroups or get together with friends. Find local family friendly restaurants with playgrounds or activity areas and contact them about group specials for coupon deals if y’all go on a regular basis.
• Paint your own pottery places; these are a hit with everyone and make wonderful Father’s Day Gifts, Grandparent Gifts or keepsakes (I still have one from when I was a teenager).
• Bowling Alleys usually have great summer programs or deals.
• Movie Nights! Rent some movies from NetFlix or RedBox or use each other’s libraries and have everyone bring their favorite movie night snacks. This works because one parent hosts and the others get a night off … just make sure y’all alternate houses!
• We’re lucky to have a beach nearby so we make lots of trips to the beach!

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