Baby Shower Ideas

Make a baby shower extra special for the mother-to-be in a few simple steps. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated to make it a beautiful experience that she’ll remember forever.

  • Select a Theme. First things first, decide on a theme. It can be as simple as choosing a color, or more extensive like choosing an animal theme (owls, baby birds, bees) or hosting a tea or spa party. Coming up with a theme is a great place to begin the party planning process.
  • Plan the Recipes. When hosting an event, food is important! It makes people happy, and it’s a great way to get guests to congregate. Plus, the momma-to-be will need delicious (and cute!) nourishment. The time of day and number of people attending will help determine the amount of food to prepare. Consider hosting the shower between meals, for example around 2 p.m. You can offer light appetizers and focus more time on the guest of honor. Offer a good variety, and keep it simple. Here are a few quick suggestions:
  • Decorate! Think fresh flowers and homemade décor. It can be as simple as decorating poster board especially for the mother-to-be or hanging homemade flag garlands around the home or venue. Purchase the mother-to-be a pretty corsage to wear during the shower, and sprinkle the place with flowers that match the theme.
  • Play Games. This is the fun part. There are tons of cute ideas on the Internet if you need a little help. Search for the candy diaper game, guessing games or even sentimental games where guests write nice things about the parents-to-be for a child’s keepsake. If guests don’t know one another, plan games as an icebreaker.
  • Be the Hostess With the Mostess. Ensure a smooth-running baby shower by making sure to always know what activity is next. Try to gauge the guests’ moods and be sure everyone is having a good time and mingling. If things get too overwhelming, it’s okay to delegate! For example, enlist the help of a friend to write which gifts the mother-to-be receives from whom, so she can easily write thank you notes later.

See? In just a few planning steps, you’ll prepare a special baby shower for the mother-to-be. The baby shower that was hosted for me by my sisters was a garden theme filled with butterfly petits fours, tea sandwiches and “mother-to-bee” decor. The rooms were decorated with lovely flowers, and I wore a wrist corsage. The baby shower flowed beautifully and guests were easily transitioned from mingling and eating to games and gift giving.

Congratulations to your mother-to-be, and enjoy planning the baby shower!

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