A Spring Break Staycation Activity Guide

This winter has been tough, hasn’t it? As much as I dream about spring and getting out of town to someplace warmer when spring break arrives, it’s not always feasible financially or schedule-wise to take a vacation.

Instead of heading out of town, plan a “spring staycation” — an activity-filled vacation in your own house or town. If you live anywhere like my family, there are so many hidden gems in the area, and exploring them can feel just like vacation.

Here are Some Great Ideas for Activities to Take Advantage of During Spring Break Staycation

Host a backyard game festival

Weather permitting, and we hope it does, plan fun outdoor activities with friends and neighbors who are also spending spring break at home. How about an outdoor bowling game or volleyball competition? Other ideas include traditional games, like a gunny sack race or three-legged race. Think about games you liked to play outside as a kid and introduce your own children to them.

Be a tourist in your hometown

One rule about a staycation is that you can’t do the same old daily routines — no chores, no paying bills, no housework. Everything should be vacation-like. Check out local museums, or explore a part of town that might be new to your family. Visit your local chamber of commerce’s website to find activities recommended to visitors in your town!

Watch a local sports team

Spring is a great time to catch a game. Whether you check out a college, high school or professional sports team, heading to the ballpark for the day is a fun activity for a staycation.

Visit the farmers’ market

If your local farmers’ market has opened, take your family shopping, and plan meals for the day based on what you buy. Get everyone involved in cooking and enjoy a meal using the fresh ingredients your family members chose.

Enjoy a movie marathon

Every vacation needs some downtime. Have each person in your family pick a kid-friendly flick and spend the day watching everyone’s choices. For even more fun, bring sleeping bags or beanbag chairs into the room to transform it into a comfy oasis. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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