A Family First for my Second-in-Line Guy!

It’s August.

I kind of want to throw my hands up in the air and cry.

I’s August and the summer is almost over. My sons officially start school in 3 1/2 weeks, so we’re on extreme summer countdown now, and nobody in the McClelland household is happy about it. Nobody.

This summer has been all about PLAY.

The boys have been playing at our pool club throughout the summer swimming and playing tennis and playing tennis racquet baseball (just like baseball but with a tennis racquet) and numerous games of chase, tag and hide-and-go-seek. It’s been a pretty awesome summer.

My oldest son William is always the first one to accomplish things because, well… he’s the oldest. He’s been the first to be able to tread water. He’s been the first to be able to swim a lap of the pool. He’s been the first to pass his deep end test. He’s been the first to do many, many things.

But this summer, my Alexander – he’s the next-in-line younger brother, did something FIRST.

My son Alexander has been DYING to pass his deep end test all summer long. He’s been watching William with stars in his eyes as he’s gone off to the deep end of the pool to play with the “older” boys. I watched Alexander not to happy being stuck in the kiddie end of the pool with me and his younger 2 brothers… so he started working really hard to get better and better and better.

From the beginning of June till the beginning of July he practiced. He practiced every single day. He swam freestyle. He swam backstroke. And he practiced treading water. The deep end test goes a little something like this – 25 yards free, 25 yards back and tread water for 2 full minutes. He attempted right after the 4th of July and just couldn’t quite make the last lap of backstroke without stopping – but he had the free and the treading water part down.

So I helped him on his backstroke.

And finally last week… he went to attempt his deep end test again and he passed with flying colors! He did awesome!

As soon as he finished, William gave him a big hug and said, “Come on Alex, lets go off the diving board.”

Alex smiled at me and said, “I want to do a flip.”

I smiled back. Yeah right…

And then I saw my 5 year old little muscle man trot up to the diving board with William, wait his turn and then do a front flip right off.

William was speechless.

My husband was speechless.

I was speechless and quite terrified at the same time!

He flipped!

He flipped before ANYONE!

Alex’s very own FIRST. And you know what, it felt good watching him be so very, very proud. I burst with pride and just motherly love for him!

What firsts have you celebrated with your kids? Are you as sad as me that summer is ending??

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