A Day at the Park

I never knew how valuable a park was until we moved a few blocks away from one. There are so many benefits to going to the park with your family. Not only is it a wonderful bonding experience, but great exercise and good old outdoor family fun. In the age of electronics, we tend to struggle with ‘unplugging,’ and the park is a great time to make it a habit to unplug and just be with your family.

We’re lucky that our park has just about everything (except a bathroom). Parks can include:

  • big open fields for picnics, soccer or just running around
  • basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds
  • water features like ponds, fountains or even sprinklers to play in
  • playground equipment like slides and swings
  • benches
  • walking pathways
  • etc.

I’m sure there’s plenty more that a park can include, but our little park has just enough with a basketball court, playground, sprinkler and benches. We take the whole family (including the dog) out to play.

Just don’t forget to bring the necessities with you next time you go to the park like:

  • water to drink
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • change of clothes (especially if there’s a water feature)
  • hats (for shade)
  • picnic blanket for lounging
  • snacks or even a picnic lunch
  • ball for the dog
  • bucket and shovel for the kids in the sand
  • diaper bag necessities (especially baby wipes for nasty hands)

Every time after we go to the park, we’re all ‘played out’ and ready for a nap. Great fun, good laughs and a lot of calories burned. I’ve even taken our son to the park to play and stood there at the benches watching him while doing my exercises (bench pushups, triceps dips, high knees and ab workouts). Kill two birds with one stone, right? And depending on what age group your kids are, there are plenty of learning opportunities in the park with all the nature within it.

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