9 Ways to Thank Moms and Grandmas on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and although we should be telling the ladies in our life thank you each and every day, Mother’s Day is the best time to do something extra special for them. Here are nine ways you can thank the moms, grandmas and other extraordinary women on their special day.

Bring her breakfast in bed

Take it from me, breakfast in bed is a glorious thing for moms, and it really doesn’t require all that much effort. Even a cup of hot tea or coffee, a breakfast sandwich and some quiet time alone with a favorite book or magazine while lounging in bed is a wonderful way to say thank you.

2. Put together a playlist of favorite songs

Let’s face it, we’re in the digital age where mix tapes are out, but personalized playlists are in. Make your mom or grandma a personalized playlist of songs that make them happy or songs that remind you of them. Every time they listen, they’ll be reminded of how much you love them.

3. Create a coupon book

Create a book full of coupons for mom or grandmother to redeem. Some coupon ideas could include chores you’ll do around the house, one-on-one time activities like board games or reading books, pampering, etc. The possibilities on this one are endless, and I guarantee moms will love it.

4. Plant flowers

May is the perfect time to get summer flower beds in order. Plant some flowers for the moms in your life, so they can enjoy them all summer long. You can also buy flowers for inside display, which always works to brighten someone’s day.

5. Make a card

Card companies know the right things to say, but even then, nothing is better for moms to read than words from your very own heart. Take a few minutes to design a card and write an extra special message inside. I promise those words will resonate with them so much more than any words a card company could write.

6. Personalize something

Compile 12 of your favorite pictures that feature your mother and you, then use an online company like Snapfish to turn the collection into a keepsake calendar.

7. Let her indulge

Does she like to watch television in her pajamas while enjoying a sip of her favorite beverage? Purchase a Netflix subscription and package it with some comfy PJs and a bottle of her favorite drink. Her favorite things bundled in one package will always be a winner.

8. Pay attention

Throughout the year, pay close attention to the things she says she loves while shopping, conversing or browsing magazines. She’ll be surprised when she receives one of the things she admired but maybe forgot about. And you’ll be extra loved for remembering.

9. Sign her up

Cooking, makeup, clothing, beer, olive oil, you-name-it—it has a weekly or monthly subscription service that will keep her supplied with her favorites. Also think of tasks she dislikes, and sign her up for services that’ll help her out—think grocery shopping, cleaning, meal planning, etc.

When it comes down to it, the best gift you can give mothers is quality time, so spend some time with them this Mother’s Day. If distance is an issue, make an effort to call or video chat with them. Tell them in your own words why you are thankful and how much you appreciate them. It’s as simple as that to ensure they enjoy a Mother’s Day full of love and adoration.

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