5 Tips to Create a Summer Exercise Plan for Busy Families

With the arrival of summer also comes the final days of many organized sports and regular activities that our kids have enjoyed during the school year. Sure, a week or so of lounging around might sound fun, but soon enough you’ll be looking for ways to get them active again. And by then, they’ll surely have told you they’re bored. So here are five tips to create a summer exercise plan for a busy family on the go.

1. Set a goal

Kids don’t care about the number of step they’ve taken or how many calories they’ve burned in a day. And they shouldn’t! However, setting goals is an effective way to stay motivated during lazy summer months. Set a fun goal that keeps the family active and interacting with one another, like: exploring and listing you top 10 favorite parks, hiking every trail in your area, or researching new bike paths will keep kids excited to exercise. Feel free to incentivize everyone reaching the goal by offering prizes for completion.

2. Schedule it in

As busy moms, we know how hard it can be to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule. But really, if you don’t plan it, it probably won’t happen. Am I right?! If you can put your family’s summer exercise plan on auto-pilot, the hard part is over. Look at your weekly schedule and find clever ways to stay active each day. Your garden might need tending every Tuesday; Saturday morning family hikes are a great bonding experience; family swim time after their lessons or walking the dog to the local ice cream shop on Sunday evening can become routines that install activity and family bonding.

3. Utilize tools

Kids love tech, so look for ways to utilize gadgets, tech and apps that will keep kids engaged while they exercise. Teach kids how to use a compass, read a map or follow GPS. We love Geocaching; this family-friendly app is like a modern day treasure hunt!

4. Add value to it

Sure, staying active is important to staying healthy. We know that, your kids know that, but sometimes adding additional value to exercise can make it way more fun. Your family’s summer exercise plan is a great time to make family memories – something they might find even more important.

Teach your kids how to play soccer while telling them about your glory days. Split into teams and play relay races together. Hike to a special tree and claim it as your own family tree of memories. These are just a few ideas that show your kids that, while exercise is important, time with them matters most.

5. Put a smile on it

Yes, it’s true, modeling healthy, active behavior is the most effective way to ensure our kids get the exercise they need during the summer months. So put on your yoga pants, slap on a happy face and get ready to model the kind of positive attitude and enthusiasm you want your kids to show towards exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

These tips are sure to help wipe away the families summer boredom…at least for a few minutes a day!

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