5 Spring Resolutions We All Should Make

The days are getting longer and warmer, and my family’s just emerged from our cave of a house with squinty, sleepy eyes. It’s like we’ve never seen the sun before–but man, it feels great. It’s like our batteries got an instant charge. Our energy is through the roof!

Now, finally, three months after I made my resolutions, I’m finally ready to get serious about them. Why was it so tough? Ok… maybe it took months to recoup from the holidays. Or maybe the grayness of winter just dragged me down. But not anymore.

THIS should be resolution season and not the cold, dark winter. And now that I’m ready to go, I’ve got resolution inspiration for days to motivate you too, Mom!

Get Outside

When Jan. 1 rolled around, I set my resolution to be a 20-minute jog every day. Well, one step outside into that freezing cold winter air and I sorta “forgot” about my whole plan. But now that it’s warm and the sun is shining, I’m ready to finally do it!

There are tons of ways to start running, but my favorite is to start by walking. I walk 19 of the minutes and jog one. Every day I do more jogging and less walking until I’m jogging the whole time.

Start Juicing

This is a great time to pick up some fruits and veggies at the grocery store.  Head over to Pinterest and pick some easy juicing recipes. Here are my 10 favorite basic juice recipes.  Oh… and you can get sneaky and let your kids make juice. They will actually drink it if they make it.  Mwahahha!

Play with your Kids!

Get outside and play!  Go on a bike ride, head to the park, play tag, swing on the swings. JUST PLAY! Did you know that kids need at least 20 minutes of one-on-one time a day? Make it happen by getting out there and running around with them (you might even shed a pound or two!).

Use that Crockpot, Mama!

December 31: “I will make a homemade meal every day.”

January 3rd: “Hey Kids!  Who wants to go out to eat?”

You can fix this! My solution is that every Sunday I go online and find 6 crockpot meals (one day is an eating out day).   Then I head over to my favorite online grocery pickup place and I place my order for those ingredients. Pick them up and you have everything that you need to make a meal a day, in the slow cooker.

Little Money, Lots of Fun

Movies for 4?  $40 Dinner for 4? $50 Indoor play museum for 4? $65
Solution? Find things to do outside. Go on a picnic, make your own meals, watch a movie that you rent for $1 on the lawn.

Now get out there and make that fresh start. You got this, Mom!

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