5 Exercises to Learn From Our Kids

If you are anything like me, staying fit is important to you, but exercise sometimes feels like a chore. I mean, really, day after day of the treadmill or the same old exercise video gets boring!

Have you ever thought about taking a cue from your kids and following their lead when it comes to getting up and moving your body? All it takes is a day of watching an active child, and you’ll have lots of exercise ideas. The best part is even though you are exercising, it won’t feel that way because kids know how to make moving your body, fun!

Here are 5 great exercise ideas I stole from watching my own kids.

  1. bikingGet on your bike and ride. I swear my kids ride miles and miles on their bikes each day, just for fun! When was the last time you followed your kids’ lead and hopped on your bike for a ride? Bike riding is great exercise and fun too! Better yet, it’s an exercise you can do with your kids. It’s a win-win!
  2. Just Dance. My kids love to move, especially when there is upbeat music playing! How about putting on your favorite CD or plugging into the Workout Radio Pandora station and dancing for a half an hour. Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up while having a great time showing off your best moves.
  3. Hula-Hoop it up. Hula-hooping became popular again with the evolution of the Wii-Fit game. It’s no wonder… hula-hooping is great exercise and when done regularly can really tone your muscles. Don’t worry, it took me some time to be able to keep the hula-hoop on my hips for more than a couple of spins, but now I’m a really pro!
  4. Play at the Park. Parks aren’t just for sitting and watching your kids play… there are a lot of great ways for adults to get active at the park too! Caroline touches on a lot of ideas in this post. In short, do your lunges, pull ups, ab workouts and more while your kids are navigating the swings and slides and having fun!
  5. Shoot Some Hoops. When my son socializes with his friends, most of the time it is while “shooting hoops”. Whether you pick up a basketball, or tennis racket, skip socializing with your friends at the coffee shop and instead find something active you can do together. Go for a walk or ride a bike… find activities you and your friends can do together and get your socializing done at the same time!

Next time you think exercising is boring, take a hint from your kids and put some fun into it!

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