20 Family-Focused Winter Activities to Help Kids Stay Active

Keeping kids active during the winter months can be a difficult task. Even if you aren’t snowed in—the cold, frigid air makes it hard enough for kids to head off to school each day, let alone staying active and healthy! One thing we know for sure though: kids love to play with their parents and in groups.

So to help us keep our little ones active and social during the cold winter months, here are 10 outdoor winter activities to help kids stay active during the cold days of the year.

  1. Build a snow castle: Dust off your beach toys and build a snow castle!
  2. Make snow bubbles: For those with freezing cold winters, go outside and blow bubbles. They’ll freeze!
  3. Play tourist: Skip the crowds and visit your local children’s museums, aquariums and zoos during the winter.
  4. Take a nature hike: Observe the changes of the season with your little ones with a winter nature hike. Collect leafs and sticks, discuss how they look in comparison to other seasons, and then use them for crafts later on.
  5. Go geo-caching: Download the app and start exploring! What treasures can your team find?
  6. Help others: Can your kids help an elderly neighbor by shoveling their walk or driveway? Could a new mom use some help bringing in the groceries? What other ways can your family serve your community during the cold, winter months?
  7. Play with snow paint: Using diluted food coloring in water bottles, go outside and douse your winter wonderland with a bit of bright colors!
  8. Watch a sunset: Bundle up and go outside to watch the sunset. Especially if you live near a coast or in mountainous regions, there’s nothing like watching the most beautiful light display during the winter months with your family under a blanket.
  9. Make a giant snow ball: Together, roll the biggest snow ball you’ve ever seen! Then try to climb it.
  10. Make a sled: Use your ingenuity to and create a new sled design, then take turns pulling each other around!

Depending on how bad the weather is in your neck of the woods, you might not be able to venture outdoors for active play—much less want to do so. Here are 10 indoor winter activities to help kids stay active:

  1. Have a family dance party: Who doesn’t love to dance, especially when surrounded by the people who love you? Turn on your favorite tunes and let your body move! Having a video game and console (like Dance Dance for the Wii) is super fun, but you don’t need one to have your family dance party!
  2. Build a fort: Blankets and couch cushions aren’t just for snuggling up on! Gather materials – be creative – and build the biggest fort your kids have ever seen.
  3. Design an obstacle course: Together as a family, plan out an obstacle course that will revival all members of the family. Part of the fun is just coming up with creative challenges indoors!
  4. Do yoga with the kids: With plenty of resources online, practice breathing and stretching with your kids before their nap.
  5. Play the flying tissue paper game: Throw tissue paper up in the air and, using only your breath, see how long your team can keep it afloat!
  6. Create indoor ice-skating: Love to skate but can’t go outside? Use large rubber bands to secure wax paper around your feet and glide gracefully on carpet! Just be careful. It’s super slippery!
  7. Have a “snow” ball fight: Before that newspaper goes into the recycling bin, crumble up the pages into balls and have an epic, indoor “snow ball” fight!
  8. Hop to some indoor hopscotch: Using painter’s tape, create an indoor hopscotch that travels through the house and is tough for even mom to complete successfully!
  9. Play Simon Says: This classic game never goes out of style!
  10. Plan a scavenger hunt: This take a bit of planning, but the result will be memories made and a day of exciting adventure! Leave clues around the house, helping your mini adventurer to locate his buried treasure.

Indoors or outside, it may seem like you don’t have enough options during the winter to keep your kids active. But hopefully the above ideas remind you that we’re only limited by our creativity.

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