10 Things to Do on Rainy Days in the Summer

I wish every single summer day was bright, sunny and warm.  Unfortunately that’s not always the case.  With 4 little guys, I need to be quick on my toes and think of things to do on those days where the weather is not-so-good.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that we can do on rainy days.  My sons even helped me draft the list (see if you can guess what ones are theirs!).  I wanted to do things that were fun, semi-educational and good for all of them to enjoy.

1.  Cookie Cutter Sandwiches.  This is one of the boys favorite.  We make sandwiches (they love PBJ) and then we cut them with cookie cutters to make some cool shapes.  They love the dinosaur ones!

2.  Finger Painting.  I lay out sheets of paper all along the dining room table.  I put “old” tees on the boys and just let them go to town with the finger paint!  I usually will see if they can make certain letters, shapes and numbers.  It keeps them smiling and laughing.

3.  Sock Puppets.  The boys love it when I go through their dad’s sock drawer and weed out the old socks.  We take them downstairs and turn them into puppets.  We use paint and pom-poms and try and create the silliest creatures.

4.  Movie Day.  The boys would have movie day every single day if they could… but, it’s the summer – and if we don’t have to be inside, we won’t be!  I turn the lights off… close the shutters and curtains… and actually pretend we’re in the theatre.  I make popcorn and we have an actual movie day.

5.  Restaurant.  This was one of my favorite activities as a child.  I take out paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware and napkins.  We make menus and actually play “restaurant.”  The boys get a kick out of it.  We call it “4 Brothers!”

6.  LEGOS.  If there’s one thing I’ve realized about having sons is that they love to build!  We have bins and bins and bins of LEGOS.  I usually only let them play with one bin at a time.  But… on rainy days, I take them all out and we create massive castles and buildings.

7.  Alphabet Cupcake Making.  My sons love to bake, I really think they’ve gotten this from me.  When I was a little girl my mom and Nana would bake with me all the time.  My sons love to make “mini” cakes (otherwise known as cupcakes).  We actually make 26 cupcakes and write one letter of the alphabet on each cake.  We call it our Alphabet Cakes.

8.  Scavenger Hunts.  The boys love to do this outside… but it can be just as fun inside, too.  I go throughout the house and hide 10-15 items.  I give them easier type clues (so Henry can play) and they dash around the house, working together and finding all the items “mom” has requested.

9.  Family Tree.  The boys love to ask “who is your dad’s dad?” and “what is grandma’s mom’s name?”  Just family curiosity.  We made a family tree the other night, using their hands as leaves.  We dipped them in paint and had them press down their hands on a piece of paper.  We started to label each leaf a member of the family.  We’ve been building onto it.  I know the boys don’t grasp it 100%, but it’s interesting to teach them that I’m from 4 children… their dad is from 3… etc.

10.  Obstacle Courses.  Oh, man.  This one is the ONE they LOVE!  I make obstacle courses with our furniture, with the toys and with cushions and pillows.  They then have a blast trying to “get through” everything.  They LOVE this!

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