For Kids

It’s inevitable—rainy days, a family road trip with hours of traveling in the car, those afternoons they insist they’re bored—your kids are going to have some downtime. Just keep these games and ideas ready, so you’ll stay sane and they’ll have fun. On this activity-packed page, you’ll find free downloadables, planners and classic games that will keep the kids busy for hours!



Nature Cat’s Adventure

The Van Eekeren Family and Land O’ Frost are proud to provide funding for the production of Nature Cat, an animated children’s series that encourages children to explore nature. hosts the Nature Cat website, offering kids, ages 3-8, a number of entertaining and educational games and crafts, as well as access to the series’ episodes and music videos. Have Fun With Nature Cat »


Tic Tac Toe

Player 1 marks an X in any open space. Player 2 marks an O. The first player to get three in a row wins! Download grid »


Dots and Lines

Draw lines connecting two dots until you make a square. Player with the most boxes wins! Download grid »


Scavenger Hunt

Look for as many of the items on the list as you can! Whoever finds them all first, wins!
Download list »


License Plate Game

See how many different states you can find from license plates on other cars!



Take turns asking the question “What’s your favorite ______?” Each person has to answer before moving on to the next question.


The Alphabet Game

One person picks a subject. Then starting with A, name something in that subject. Then move to the letter B. Continue until you get through the entire alphabet. Example: Subject = animals. First person says “ape”, next person says “bat”, next person says “cat”, etc.

spy1I “Spy”

One person picks something they see, either in the car or out the window, then says “I spy something (fill in the color of the object).” Everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions until someone guesses the object correctly. The person who guesses right gets to be the next “spy.”

name-that-tune1Name That Tune!

One person hums a song (no words allowed). Everyone takes turns guessing what song they are humming. First person to guess gets to hum the next song.