Winter Soup & Sandwich Pairings

It’s the time of year when soup makes a regular appearance on our dinner table. The weather outside is chilly, and warming up with a comforting bowl of soup always sounds like the perfect way to end the day.

I love soup and consider it to be worthy of a main dish, but my husband always wants something a little more substantial, so pairing it with sandwiches makes the meal complete. Here are a few of our favorite winter soup and sandwich pairings.

The Best Soup & Salad Combinations

Tip: Give your grilled cheese more of a protein punch, and add some sliced ham, turkey or roast beef. They’ll all pair well with cheddar cheese.

Tip: Beefy French Onion Soup is another delicious option to serve with roast beef sandwiches.

Tip: Want a side of chicken with your chicken noodle soup? Just toss a few slices of chicken breast into the Portobello mushroom sandwich, and make it a super protein-packed meal.

  • Meatball Subs & Minestrone Soup: I think this Minestrone Soup needs a good Italian partner, don’t you? Whip up an Italian sub, or if you want something heartier, opt for a classic meatball sub.

Soups and sandwiches were meant to be together, so what are you waiting for? Start planning dinner now!

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