Surviving the Big Game: 7 Tips to Help Mom Enjoy Football

The NFL’s annual “big game” is upon us. And I have a confession to make. I could care less. Every year the hype and promotion around this event seems to get louder and last longer than the last.

But my friends, relatives and more recently my son are into it football’s biggest Sunday of the season. So I decided years ago to find a way to enjoy what is usually the most watched television event of the entire year.

Here are Seven Ways you Can Learn to Love the Big Game

1. Get big on the food

There are a few opportunities to love the game by getting into the food around the event. Whether you’re hosting the party, or just bringing a dish, spend some time on Pinterest to find some appetizers that are sure to please. Don’t forget to consider guests that may need gluten-free or vegetarian options.

It’s also an event where I pause my diet and enjoy myself. Being able to indulge for an evening is one way to ensure you’ll actually look forward to the event.

2. Vote for your favorite commercial

From Budweiser usually trying to tug at your heartstrings to more over the top spots, the ads have been known to be more entertaining than the game itself.

To get even more out of them, have everyone vote on their favorite ads. Go to YouTube’s Ad Blitz before hand to get an idea of which ads will be running and when. This will allow you to create a voting sheet for everyone to follow along and rank their favorites.

3. Follow the halftime show

Even more entertaining than the commercials is, usually, the half-time show. Even if you’re not fans of this year’s hosts, Beyonce & Coldplay, it’s worth tuning in for their performance. There is usually something for everyone to appreciate during the half-time show.

4. Cash in with the crowd

Someone at the party typically creates a drawing to possibly win money or a prize if you can pick the winner of the game and the score at the end of each quarter. If you get involved in the fun, you’re more likely to pay attention to the game. And your odds of winning are as good as the football fanatics in the room.

5. Overdose on cuteness with the puppy bowl

Kids and animal lovers alike are sure to enjoy this event right before the big event. It’s on Animal Planet and gets cuter every year.

6. Dress the part

Picking one of the teams and color coordinating your outfit is one way to fit in with everyone and get your fashion fix. Just assume that someone at the party is sure to be rooting for the opposing team. As a result, they’ll be less than impressed with your outfit.

7. Find a fellow reluctant fan

The odds are good that someone else at the party feels the same way about football. Team up with them to, at a minimum, commiserate and make the evening more bearable.

With these tips, you will win the game, no matter how each team plays. But if none of the above tips offer you a way to enjoy the game, I have something to consider. It’s only held once a year, and even then, the big game is only a few hours long. And once it’s over? Football season is also over. So stay focused on the outcome!

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