Improve Your Life, Impress Your Family, With These Time-Saving Hacks

Life hacks, or hacks, are new and usually unconventional ways to address simple problems in life. I spent some quality time on YouTube and gathered some that you can use on a daily basis.

Productive Hacks

Our first set of hacks are brilliant and I wish that I had seen them years ago!  I love the little trick about keeping your tie in place. I can’t wait to tell my husband that one.  And the kids will love the hack about putting your phone on airplane mode to avoid seeing ads.

Cleaning Hacks

These cleaning hacks are great! I love the idea about using a slice of bread to clean up broken glass (so smart!). This would have been helpful when we were decorating for the holidays and dropped (several) ornaments. And using a rubber squeegee to clean up pet hair from the carpet is so creative.

Organizing Hacks

I love these 15 organizing tips! My favorite one is the bulletin board idea, because we did this in our house (only we used pegboard and painted it, but similar idea). It is really fun and our kids loved helping! See the rest of these school organizing ideas here:

MORE Hacks!

These last few hacks are great. I use the ink hack a LOT to get ink out of clothes or furniture. With four young kids, this one is a must-know, in my opinion.

Some of these hacks may be familiar to you, but I hope some are new and help you and your family in your daily life.

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