23 Funny Facebook Posts from Down-to-Earth Moms and Dads

On my most stressful, harried days as a parent, when I’m feeling incompetent, and tired, and at my breaking point, I try to sit down later that night (often with a glass of wine) and look at the day in a comical light. I call it my “sitcom filter.”

Like there was that time I spent the whole day volunteering in my son’s classroom with my sweater on inside out (as I realized when I got home). Right after, I made an after-school run to the grocery store, where my seven-year-old twins managed to knock over a WINE DISPLAY.  Bottles exploded everywhere. Wine, wine everywhere and not a drop to drink. I think that was the saddest part of all of it. Finally, that night, after I made a dinner no one bothered to eat, my kids had a knockdown, drag-out, mixed-martial-arts, cage-match brawl atop a bed of 2,647 Legos lying on the floor all around. Why? Because they ALL wanted the SAME teeny, tiny block.

All during the day’s chaos, my head felt like it was about to implode from that punishing, judging Mom voice chanting, “You’re doing it wrong,” over, and over, and over. But with the kids in bed, in the quiet of the living room, I play it all back in my head, and I start to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Yes, I probably looked like a crazy person all day. Yes, parenting is hard. Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it’s exhausting. But yes, it’s definitely hilarious if you take a step back and let it be.

I know you’ve had that kind of day–every mom does! When it’s all over, just try to laugh and keep on keepin’ on. Need some inspiration? Here are 23 hilarious Facebook posts from parents who are “letting it be.”

Sleep Happens (No It Doesn’t)

Parenthood begins with a jarring, abrupt absence of sleep. Waking up with newborns three times a night is something we anticipate, albeit reluctantly. Why doesn’t anyone warn us, though, that we will pretty much NEVER get a full night’s sleep EVER AGAIN, even when these kids are in high school? (Shudder). I can’t count the number of times, even when sound asleep, I get the disturbing feeling that someone is watching me. I roll over, open my eyes, and there is a three-foot tall STALKER staring at me in the dead of night! At least I can take comfort in knowing I’m not alone. These five parents get it.

Help ME help YOU. By Tipsy Tiaras


Saturday morning blues. By My Questionable Life


Sometimes it’s better NOT to know. By Amy Dillon


Why, Daylight Savings? WHY? By Simon Holland


When getting sleep for the first time causes an emotional breakdown. By I Am the Milk


Whining, Arguing, and Fighting: Oh My!

If parenthood came with a patience award at the end of every day, I don’t think I would ever win it. Repeating myself eleventy-billion times; breaking up fights; arguing with my kids; sending them to their rooms; banging my head against the wall? And that’s all before lunch, which they barely eat. These next five parents have a lot to say on this subject.

Shoe-wearing 101. By Motherhood and More


Debate team hopeful. By Big Top Family


Talk about a clean up in aisle seven! By Smashley Ashley


From cheerio to cheery-no. By Lurk At Home Mom


Winner, winner, insane-asylum-dinner? By Sarcastic Mommy


I Fought the Mess, and the Mess Won

Remember the days when any disorder in your house could be linked to you and only you? When you have kids, those days are bygones! (As in, “Bye.” And “Gone).” Overflowing laundry baskets, sticky streaks of mystery sludge, a Hansel and Gretel-like trail of Goldfish, and landmines of discarded toys? THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW. These five parents preach to the messy choir.

Fumigation operation. By Autism with a side of fries


Where’s the duct tape? By Papa Does Preach


High-functioning furniture is a thing. By Pails and Fires by Leslie Gaar


Long-term memory loss. By The Runaway Mama


You say “living room,” I say “laundry room.” Potato, potahto. By The Not So Super Mom


Whatever You Do: Don’t Let the Food Touch!

Ahhh, mealtimes. Is there a more frustrating point in a parent’s day than when a child takes one look at the fruits of your labor, crosses his or her arms, and refuses to eat it? Especially since this was their FAVORITE food only YESTERDAY? Gahhhhhh! Food strikes make me crazy, and these other four parents can attest to the insanity too.

Age-old mystery. By Jen Simon, Writer


Cheese abuse? By Rach Riot


And in this corner . . .  By Why did we have to have all these kids anyway?


Candy wrappers make great dinner bells. – By Abe Yospe’s Comedy Page Cheeseboy22


It’s A Cruel, Cruel Summer

If you’re like me, you were counting down the days till summer break, because, NO MORE HOMEWORK! Three days into summer break, however, you’ve heard your kids ask, “What can I do?” approximately 3,472 times, and you suddenly realize you have nothing in your bag of tricks except trips to the pool and the (sweltering) playground. Shouldn’t that be entertainment enough? Nope. Not for kids! Here are four memes from parents who are singing the summertime blues.

When you put it THAT way . . . By Christine Organ


LITERALLY. By Foxy Wine Pocket


Right off the top of my head? By Mom Cave TV


Clock’s ticking. Slowly. By The Outnumbered Mother


The moral of this story is: there are no perfect families. As parents, some days we get almost everything right, and some days we get almost everything wrong, and some days there’s a happy medium between the two.

Whatever the day brings, it’s crucial to our mental health to sit back and try to use that “sitcom filter.” Smile, laugh, blush, and see that day not as the end-all-be-all of our parenting skills or limitations, but just what it is: ONE DAY. Let the memory wash over; then put it to bed. (Hopefully, it goes more willingly than the kiddos).

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