14 Sweet Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

We have this tradition in my family. On Halloween night, after trick-or-treating, the kids can eat as much as candy they’d like. That’s right – they can unwrap and devour as much as they want. But after that night, it’s back to dessert in moderation.

It’s weird though. Any other time we try and give the kids even a single piece of Halloween candy, they don’t seem to want it. I guess they can only handle that epic stomach ache once a year? Either way, there’s always candy leftover. So much of it. You could stash it away until you find it months later, when the chocolate tastes sort of weird and you just want to pitch it all (hey, it happens). Or you could turn it into dessert for weeks to come, never wasting a piece.

I’m not talking about anything elaborate here. Simplicity is key. You don’t need a degree in pastry arts to use up that leftover Halloween candy. Here’s proof!

14 Sweet Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

  1. Make candy milkshakes! Blend together softened ice cream, a splash of milk and crumbled candy. Or add pieces of candy to a chocolate peanut butter smoothie for a sweet breakfast.
  2. Use candy as a topping for baked donuts and muffins (chocolate caramel candy is deliciosu on banana muffins).
  3. Roll chocolate-dipped apples in crushed candy, or stick pieces of candy corn on homemade or store-bought caramel apples.
  4. Sweeten up a bowl of oatmeal with candy topping.
  5. Bake peanut butter cups, chocolate squares and other candy into store-bought cookie dough. If you’re using candy bars, which will melt down in regular cookies, try these cookie cups.
  6. Top frozen yogurt or ice cream with crumbled candy. If the kids are having friends over, this is great for a sundae bar.
  7. Mix candy corn, M&M’S and any other candy with dried fruit and nuts to make trail mix.
  8. Core and slice apples into rings, spread with peanut butter and top with crushed candy for an easy after-school snack.
  9. Pour melted chocolate on a parchment-covered baking sheet and top with your favorite candy to make chocolate candy bark for lunchboxes.
  10. Make candy bar brownies, blondies or pie.
  11. Dip pretzel sticks in chocolate and top with crushed candy.
  12. Try a candy bar trifle. Just layer whipped topping, chocolate pudding and candy in a glass serving bowl (or small bowls for personal-sized parfaits).
  13. Gear up for Thanksgiving and make candy turkeys with the kids.
  14. Melt Jolly Ranchers onto sticks to make homemade lollipops.

The next few weeks are looking pretty sweet if you ask me. And if you snack on some of the kid’s candy after they go to bed, I won’t tell. I’ll probably be doing the same …

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