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5 Tricks to Make the Creamiest, Crunchiest Grilled Cheese in Town

Master the art of making the crispiest crust, the gooiest melt and the most delicious buttery flavored grilled cheese.

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15 Recipes You Never Thought of Making with Lunch Meat (That Aren’t Sandwiches)

Lunchmeat is at the top of every single shopping list I write – ahead of milk, eggs, and bananas, even. To keep my household satisfied,…

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How to Perfect an Egg Omelet in a Mug

For a long time, I fantasized about flipping personalized scrambled eggs onto my kiddos’ plates each morning, and gathering around the breakfast table as a…

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7 Easter Sandwiches to Feed Every Bunny

Easter Sunday is one of my most favorite reasons to gather all year long. Right after church services, my entire family, including extended family members…

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