Valentine’s Day Party Planner

Arts and Crafts

  •  Make your own Valentine’s day ‘mailbox’
    • Gather old shoe boxes and give one to each kid
    • Bring red, pink and white construction paper, scissors, glue stick, stickers, glitter and other decorating materials
    • Have each kid decorate their boxes
    • Help cut slots out of box tops
  • Make Valentines
    • As with making Valentine’s day mailboxes, bring decorating supplies
    • Encourage kids to make one for every person in the classroom

Game concepts

  •  Cupid’s Arrow
    • Much like “Heads-Up, Seven-Up” pick 7 “cupids” – can provide some sort of costume
    • All other kids put their heads down. Then each cupid taps someone on the shoulder.
    • All kids tapped on the shoulder stand up and guess which cupid tapped them.
  •  Crosswords/Word Searches using key words like Cupid, Valentine, etc.



  • Heart shaped mini-sandwiches – make your favorite Land O’Frost sandwich and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter (perfect for kids who hate the crust!)
  • Heart shaped candy and chocolate


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